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All Gobo packages will be delivered and setup for your wedding or special event


Custom Metal Gobo

Custom Metal Gobo: Custom metal gobos are quickly and easily made from most line art designs like logos and illustrations.  Manufactured like a stencil, all elements of the design must be connected with tabs to the outer supporting ring of the gobo.

Custom Metal Gobo w/ Projector - Click Here >>>
Price: $270 w/ Custom (Metal) Gobo
Plus - NYC Sales Tax (8.875%) & Set-up Set-up & Delivery

Stock Gobo

Stock Gobo: Standard stock gobos are available in various designs.  These Gobo's can also be used in architectural applications.


Stock Gobo w/ Projector - Click Here >>>
Price: $160 w/ Stock (Metal) Gobo
Plus - NYC Sales Tax (8.875%) & Set-up Set-up & Delivery

Custom Glass Gobo

Custom Glass Gobo: Black and White Glass Gobos can create images with unequalled clarity, sharpness, and detail.  The finest details can be rendered.  Glass gobos are perfect for projecting virtually any image or monogram you can create.

Custom Glass Gobo w/ Projector - Click Here >>>
Price: $345 w/ Custom Glass Gobo
Plus - NYC Sales Tax (8.875%) & Set-up Set-up & Delivery

Gobo Projector

Gobo Projector:  An ETC Source 4 projector, the most powerful Gobo projector on the market, that can project a long distance and withstand challenging environments.  This fixture has a reputation for providing sharp clear images under nearly any lighting condition.

Gobo Projector - Click Here >>>
Price: $140 w/o Gobo
Plus - NYC Sales Tax (8.875%) & Set-up Set-up & Delivery

Gobo Lighting: A gobo is a template or pattern cut into a circular plate used to create patterns of projected light. A gobo projector is used to illuminate this image on a surface (wall, floor, or ceiling). The image size is dependent on the distance from the projector to the surface.  A flat surface or projection area approximately 10 feet is size (or greater) will be required for image projection.

 Conventional Gobo Sizes
Standard Sizes Gobo Diameter
A Size 100 mm
B Size 86 mm
D Size 53.3 mm
E Size 37.5 mm
G Size 51.8 mm
M Size 66 mm
V Size 22.5 mm
 ULS Gobo Sizes
Manufacturer Model Standard Sizes Gobo Diameter
ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal B Size 86 mm
ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal Jr. M Size 66 mm
Martin Mania PR1 D Size 53.3 mm
Chauvet Intimidator Scan LED 300 - 23.8 mm
Chauvet Intimidator Spot 250 - 26.7 mm

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