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Lighting Package #10
Not Suggested for a Fashion Show Runway


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Trump Soho - New York, NYTrump Soho - New York, NYSpotlight or Gobo Projector

Features: Eight Par 56 lamps w/ 300 watt bulbs Two DMX dimmer packs A lighting controller Lighting Clamps Two Lighting Stands

A Parabolic Aluminized Reflector lamp (also PAR light, PAR can, or simply PAR) is a type of electric lamp that is widely used in theatre.  A filter can be inserted (during set-up) to produce a color other then white light.  A medium flood beam of light is produced.  The light cannot be focused, altered, or adjusted. 

The lamp (bulb) in each PAR 56 light approximately 7" in diameter (found by dividing the PAR size by 8).  A minimum of two independent 110v/ 20amp (or 110v/ 30 amp) electrical circuits with ordinary household electrical outlets (Edison Plug) dedicated for use only by this lighting equipment is required.

An Edison Plug is an ordinary household electrical plug in the United States. Characterized by having two parallel flat blades and a semi-round ground pin.



8 - Par 56 Lighting Fixtures w/ 300 Watt Lamp & Clamp
8 - Pre-Cut Gel Sheet (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green)
2 - Ultimate Support TS-90B Tripod Lighting Stand - Black
1 - 8 Channel DMX Dimming Console
2 - DMX Dimmer Pack

Price: (Contact Us via Email)
 (Plus - NYC Sales Tax 8.875% & Set-up & Delivery)


Lighting Package #10
(Theater Stage Lighting)
Not Suggested for a Fashion Show Runway

Description: This Lighting package is appropriate for a live performance on a theatrical stage (Less then 15ft wide and 10ft depth). 

Most appropriate for use over a short distance of approximately 15' or less from the stage or runway.

NOTE: The lights in this package in a medium flood and produce a beam of light with an unfocused edges that is unable to be focused or adjusted.  Additional equipment is required for stages larger then dimensions above. 

Price: (Contact Us via Email)
 (Plus - NYC Sales Tax 8.875% & Set-up & Delivery)

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