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iPod Package #1

Description: This iPod package is appropriate for using an iPod to provide music for a wedding, bar, Lounge, and most event space with a suggested maximum of 100 guests (or less). It features: Two full range speakers with stands and speaker cables An iPod mixer with dual docking stations and a three Band EQ on each channel An external amplifier to provide power for the two included speakers.

Price: $280
 (Plus - NYC Sales Tax 8.875% & Set-up & Delivery)

Note: The Apple fourth Generation iPod Nano, 2nd generation iPod Touch (3G version), and iPhone 3G no longer support charging through the firewire pin. This means that most accessories such as docking stations on the this iPod mixer will not charge these devices. FYI . . . The iPods and original iPhone connector has two sets of power connectors one for USB and one for Firewire but the new iPods only have USB charging pins. Apple remove support for Firewire charging on these newer devices, therefore certain accessories will not charge them. Not all of devices are incompatible with the when it comes to charging. Only those that were designed with the Firewire charging ports. Unfortunately because of the difference in voltages, 5V for USB and 12V for Firewire and cars operating in the 12 Volt range, every wired car kit uses the 12 volt Firewire option to avoid changing voltages, this is why they do not work.
iPod Packages #1:

2 - Full Range 2-Way PA Speaker - 800w 15" Woofer
2 - Ultimate Support TS-80B Tripod Speaker Stand - Black
2 - Speaker Cable - 30ft. w/ NL4 Speakon Connection
1 - ION Dual iPod DJ/Mixing Console System
1 - QSC PLX-2402 Power Amplifier

NOTE: A table will be required for use with this equipment package.

Price: $280
 (Plus - NYC Sales Tax 8.875% & Set-up & Delivery)


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