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Note: Denon DN-1800 Dual Disc CD Player will only play a standard Audio CD.  It is unable to read .MP3 files (or other computer music file).


NOTE: The Denon DN-1800 Dual Disc CD player will only play an Audio CD (Compact Disc Digital Audio). It will not play mp3 files. Simply copying mp3 files to a CD will create a data CD that is not playable on this CD player. An Audio CD can only hold 80 min of music. But a data CD has 700MB (100 songs or more). Most computers include  a the free Media Player that, can burn an Audio CD from the mp3 files. Basically the software takes the mp3 files, convert them and make a Audio CD that can be played in regular CD players. All you need is a CD-RW drive in your computer and a blank CD-R disc.


DJ Package #7

Description: This DJ package is appropriate for a wedding, bar, Lounge, and most event space with a suggested maximum of 100 guests (or less). It features: Two full range speakers with stands and speaker cables A dual deck CD player with pitch control A four channel mixer with cross fader and three band EQ on each channel An external amplifier to provide power for the two included speakers

Price: $340
 (Plus - NYC Sales Tax 8.875% & Set-up & Delivery)

DJ Packages #7:

2 - Full Range 2-Way PA Speaker - 800w 15" Woofer
2 - Ultimate Support TS-80B Tripod Speaker Stand - Black
2 - Speaker Cable - 30ft. w/ NL4 Speakon Connection
1 - Denon DN-1800 Dual Disc CD Player
1 - Shure SM58 Microphone
1 - Numark CM200 5-Channel Rack DJ Mixer*
1 - QSC PLX-2402 Power Amplifier

*Headphones with a 1/4 inch plug are required for use with the Numark DJ mixer.

NOTE: A table will be required for use with this equipment package.

Total Price: $340
 (Plus - NYC Sales Tax 8.875% & Set-up & Delivery)


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*Note: An additional charge for delivery and NYC tax will be required

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