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Wedding Reception Lighting: Stock Gobo Lighting

Project a pattern  a Stock Gobo:

A stock metal gobo is ideal for projecting pre created image without a custom message (text). a pattern can be displayed against a wall or surface to enhance the ambiance in your room.  A pattern can be projected against any plain surface including ceiling of a tent, a blank wall, or open area on the floor.

Need to Knows
Understand the basics of using Stock Gobo lighting at an event:

A Stock Gobo is typically made with a circular sheet of stainless steel.  A pattern is cut into the sheet of metal similar to a stencil and inserted into a lighting fixture (gobo projector). The Stock image (Stock Gobo) is then projected onto whatever surface the light is pointed.

A Gobo Projector is used to project the image from your Stock Gobo onto a wall, floor, or ceiling. The image size is dependent on the distance from the projector to the surface the image is projected on. A typical image size is approximately 6ft- 10ft in diameter.

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