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Wedding Reception Lighting: Bar and Floral Arrangement Lighting

Highlight your Bar and Large Floral arrangements with light:

Make your bar and large floral arrangements stand out with an accent of light.  A wash of light or spot light focused on your bar or floral arrangements will make them stand our when the lights are dimmed during your reception.  This method of lighting is one of the best ways to focus attention on your floral arrangements and illuminate the immediate area of your bar. Don't forget to hightlight your wedding cake, sweets table, and place card table with Centerpiece Pin Spot Lighting.

Need to Knows
Understand the basics of using Bar and Floral arrangement lighting at an event:

When the room lights at your reception are dimmed your bar and beautiful floral arrangements will blend into the background unless highlighted with light. Pinspots are great for shining down onto tables to highlight the floral center pieces, cakes or other decor. But a spot light or a colored wash is needed highlight your bar and large floral arrangements.  A spot light will cover a larger area then then Pinspots (normally used for centerpiece lighting).  A wash typically will cover an even larger area then a spotlight.

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