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Behringer B215

Behringer B215 Speaker Rental

Passive Speaker:
Greater Stability Under High Performance  
Less Cumbersome Wiring  
Requires Connection to an Amplifier  
Requires Speaker Wire  



Mackie SRM450

Mackie SRM450 Speaker Rental

Powered (Active) Speaker:
Low Operational Overhead  
Independent Volume Control  
Requires Audio Input Cable  
Requires Electrical Cable and Outlet  



About Backline Equipment

What is a "Powered" Speaker?

Definition - A speaker with an built-in internal amplifier.

What is a "Un-Powered" Speaker?

Definition - A speaker the requires an separate external amplifier.

Powered (Active) Speakers vs. Un-Powered (Passive) Speakers:

Powered speakers (or active speakers) are speakers that have built-in amplifiers. They can be connected directly to a mixing console or sound source, without the need for an separate amplifier. Powered speakers ease set-up issues for an audio system, at least to some extent. However since a balanced signals (cable) from a signal source and electrical source (extension cord) must be run to each speaker. This significantly increases requirements for wires being run for each speaker.

Alternatively, a passive speaker (or un-powered speaker) is a speaker which does not have its own power source and draws power from somewhere else, as opposed to an active speaker which has a built-in amplifier. Passive speakers are lighter and lower in price and required significantly less cables to be run to each speaker. Only a single length of cable is required to run from a separate amplifier. These speakers do not have the over head of requiring multiple electrical outlets for each speaker. An electrical outlet would only be required for the separate amplifier. This can be desirable positioning your speaker with out worry of available electricity.

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