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Example of 20" and 12" Mirror Ball


Mirror Ball (Disco Ball)

Featured 20" and 12" Mirror Ball

Universal Light & Sound has both a 40", 20", 16" and 12" mirror ball (a.k.a Disco Ball) available for rental.  Each ball is supplied with an motor and pin spot lamp.

Note:  A 12" mirror ball is approximately the size of a fully inflated basket ball or soccer ball.  A 12" mirror ball with an LED pin spot is typically suggested for for a 20' x 20' dance floor or events with approximately with 75 guests or less.  A 20" mirror ball with a Source Four Ellipsoidal is suggested for use at a larger event space with greater then 75 guests.

Motor for Mirror Ball:  The motor rotates the disco ball causes the beams of light reflected from the ball to spin around the perimeter of your room.  Two "O-Clamps" attached to the motor allow the motor and the disco ball to safely be suspended from the 1.5" diameter pipe used with our Lighting Stand.  An electrical outlet is required to operate the motor for the mirror ball.

Pin Spot lamp for Mirror Ball:  A pin spot lamp is used to shine a beam of light that is reflected off the mirror ball.  The LED Pin Spot lamp typically provided with our mirror ball is appropriate for your average event space.  A considerable brighter Source Four Ellipsoidal Lamp is required for a larger event space.  An electrical outlet is required to operate the motor for the pin spot lamp for the mirror ball


Example of Lighting Package #1
w/ a 12" Mirror Ball & Aggressor

Example:  Lighting Package #1 w/ Mirror Ball

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