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"Choosing an iPod Package"

Which iPod Package is Best for me?
Mark J.

Both "iPod DJ Package #1" and "PA Package #1" will allow you to connect your ipod and provide the music for your event.  Functionally they are both the same.  Below I have listed the advantages for both packages.
- Includes the specialized iPod mixer that is DJ friendly
- Ideal for an active music selection (a.k.a. DJ'ing) from your iPod.  Two iPods can be used.  While one iPod is playing a person can listen and cue songs on a second iPod.  This is more active then having a play list run on just one ipod but will require someone to select the songs and operate the iPod.  In so many words it would require some one to DJ using two iPods.
- Your iPod(s) will remain charged while in use.  Your iPod is actually docked into a slot provided on the mixer that is provided with this package.  While connected to this mixer your iPod is continually charged and does not use any battery life.

"Ipod DJ Package #1"


In Brief: "iPod DJ Package #1" is the better choice if you will have someone actively controlling your music selection.  "PA Package #1" is best if a play list will dominate your music selection.


"PA Package #1"

- Includes a 8 channel line mixer that can easily be used to connect a microphone(s), CD Player(s) or just about any form of audio device to sound system in addition to your iPod(s).
- As many as two (or more) ipods can be simultaneously connected.



A technician can explain how to use your equipment package at the time of delivery.  Because "iPod DJ Package #1"  is geared toward DJ'ing from two iPod it is slightly more involved then "PA Package #1", but as a whole both packages are very easy to use.
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