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Sound, Lighting, & Meeting Equipment Rental:
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Electrical Requirements

Electrical Requirements

Electrical requirements for standard packages?

Universal Light and Sound (ULS) offers a selection of standard sound equipment  packages with very similar power requirment.  A minimum of two separate 110V/20A outlets on independent electrical lines is required to operate any of our standard equipment packages without any worry of interruption due to loss of power from an overloaded electrical circuit.  A single 110V/20A outlet that is dedicated only to the sound equipment could be used but is not preferred.  Each 110V/20A outlet should accept a standard "Edison Plug".  This is an ordinary household electrical plug in the United States.  Characterized by having two flat blades and a semi-round ground pin.

Large Custom & Upgraded Equipment Packages:

Custom equipment packages utilizing multiple amplifiers will have a higher requirements for electricity.  Based on the size of the sound system the required number outlets and the type of outlet required will vary.  Multiple 110V/20A and 110V/30A outlets that accept that accept a standard "Edison Plug" or a 220V/

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