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About "Backline"

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About Backline Equipment

About Backline Equipment

What is "Backline" Equipment?

Definition - The instruments and the equipment used for amplification of  instruments on-stage.


Universal Light & Sound  (ULS) "Backline" Equipment Policy:

ULS offers a selection of live band equipment packages that include Microphones, Speakers, Floor monitors, Vocal effects, and various additional equipment required for Front of House (FOH) amplification.  Each equipment package includes equipment for a band or vocalist to be heard in the audience at their performance space.  Each band package can be customized or created specially for your event. 

Any required instruments or instrument amps (Backline) used on stage could easily be connected to any of these packages but could not be include with the equipment provided by ULS.  Currently ULS does not have backline equipment available for rental.  Backline equipment required for an event could not be included with our equipment packages.

A full list of live band packages can be viewed here on our site: Click Here - Audio & Lighting Packages



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