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Features: Quiet high quality pump, 3,500 Cu.Ft/Min Output, 12 Minutes heat up time, 2.5 liters tank capacity.

Included 32 Oz. (1 Qt.) of water based fog juice.  This juice is non-toxic but is not intended for consumption and should not be consumed.  It is made of pharmaceutical grade products that are approved by the Food & Drug Administration. It is not know to have an odor and it is not know to leave any residue after use.

Product Specifications:   The versatile Blizzard Fazer is equipped with the most sophisticated features including new technology aluminum cast heater, quiet high quality pump, high precision PCB design and controllable twin fans. The new high efficiency heater technology ensures low fluid consumption of less than one liter per two hours of continuous fogging (30% output). High precision fan control can be achieved thanks to the durable twin fans and the Blizzard digital control module. The high quality bearings in the fans, allows silent operation, making the machine ideal for use at noise sensitive events. With a small degree of fine-tuning, a perfect haze of fine particles is achievable and minimal residue ensures long term reliability of sensitive lighting equipments. The Blizzard is a top preference for stage and studio professionals.


Power: AC100V/ AC120V/ AC230V/ AC240V, 50Hz-60Hz
Heater: 1,000W
Output: 3,500 Cu.Ft / Min.
Heat up Time: 12 Min.
Liquid Consumption Rate: 45 Min. / Liter (100%) 2 Hrs. / Liter (30%)
Tank Capacity: 2.5 Liter
Control Module Included: X-10 Timer Control Module
Optional Control Module: X-20II DMX Control Module, X-30 Wireless Control Module
Optional Accessories: Flight Case
Weight: 20.5 kg
Dimensions (mm): 635L x 275W x 281H


Blizzard 1000w Faze/Fog Machine w/ Juice

Note: It is possible that the small water-based particles could set some types of smoke detectors off. Usually, this is only a problem with optical type detectors, because they sense these particles as smoke.

Price: $150
 (Plus - NYC Sales Tax 8.875% & Set-up & Delivery)

All orders must total a minimum of
$300 with Tax, Setup, & Delivery

This equipment can not be delivered up or down any stairway

  Note: It is possible that the small water-based particles produced by a fog machine could activate some types of smoke detectors. Usually, this is only a problem with optical type detectors, because they interpret the fog as smoke from a fire.  It is recommended to run a test with the fog machine to see if your smoke detector is affected.  Sprinkler systems are usually triggered by heat, so the fog in the air won't active a heat-activated sprinkler systems.  

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