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Product Description

Product Description
As you?d expect from HHB, value and quality are inherent in the design and engineering of the new HHB CDR830 BurnIT CD Recorder. Featuring high precision 24-bit A-D converters with 24-bit multi-level Delta Sigma D-A converters, the CDR830 BurnIT delivers recordings of the highest possible quality. The precise design of the CD laser assembly means that every single CD-R and CD-RW disc written by the BurnIT is exceptionally accurate, providing greater compatibility with other CD players and recorders. Solidly built for studio use, the BurnIT records on readily available, low cost discs and features an SCMS-free digital input with 3 easy to use synchro record modes and a built-in sample rate converter. The BurnIT?s CD Text feature enables the user to store disc, track and artist names with every recording. This information is then displayed whenever the disc is played on a CD Text compatible CD player or recorder ? perfect for demos, sound libraries, DJs, CD juke boxes, archiving, etc. Each entry can be up to 120 characters in length (including spaces), with the title scrolling if it is too long to fit in the display. It?s easy to record from CD, DAT, MD or hard disk using the BurnIT?s SCMS-free digital input. A built-in SRC accepts sampling rates from 32kHz to 48kHz and there are 3 synchro modes: 1 Track, All Tracks and All Tracks with Finalize. When recording from a digital source, the BurnIT?s digital record gain control can adjust the signal input level, enablin.



HHB CDR830 BurnIT Professional CD Recorder


Price: $45
 (Plus - NYC Sales Tax 8.875% & Set-up & Delivery)

All orders must total a minimum of
$300 with Tax, Setup, & Delivery

This equipment can not be delivered up or down any stairway


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